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Environmental Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship 


We help people, habitats and wildlife adapt to climate change, work to reduce impacts of flooding, drought, rising sea levels and coastal erosion. We improve the quality of water, land and air by addressing pollution, working with businesses to help them comply with environmental regulations.

Why Environment Agency

The Environmental Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship will develop skills and capabilities and equip you with experience/opportunities to make a real difference. This is a fantastic opportunity for a person looking to build a career in protecting and improving the environment, tackling climate change and contributing to net zero.

At the Environment Agency, our aim is to protect and improve the environment as a whole and promote sustainable development, contributing to the United Nations’ (17) Sustainable Development Goals.

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Available Roles

Flood & Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) and Environment & Business (E&B) Teams

Location: Kent, South London & East Sussex

Kent, South London & East Sussex is a complex area in a complex and varied business. We have a huge range of environmental challenges and wonderfully diverse customers and communities. People, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, along with Sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to continually improving to be the best we can be. We currently have 8 apprentices working in our area, at different stages of completion of this degree apprenticeship programme, so there will be a wealth of knowledge and support for you here. With us you will rotate through different teams to build a broad understanding of our business and help you apply the knowledge you gain through your studies.

Greenhouse Gas Reductions and Net Zero Schemes (GGR)

Location: National, location flexible

The GGR team are at the cutting edge of the government’s flagship net zero schemes.  We are at the heart of the Environment Agency’s work on net zero and reducing carbon in our environment.   We are the UK Scheme Administrator and a regulator for the UK Emissions Trading Scheme, and other regulation and market mechanisms to incentivise industry and business to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.  The work is really varied and there will be opportunities to work closely with government teams as UK ETS expands, as well as working with our own operational teams delivering the schemes.   

Environment, Planning & Engagement (EPE)

Location: Exeter or Bodmin

During this apprenticeship you will work across different teams learning about how we monitor and protect the spectacular environment of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

You will learn about:

  • Environmental Monitoring – Ecological, Chemical and Physical
  • Regulation of Industry – Water Company, Waste Sector, Large Industrial Processes
  • Flood Defence – Design and maintenance
  • Flood Warning
  • Environmental Incident Response
  • Environmental Planning
  • Enforcement against environmental regulations, plus much more

At the end of your apprenticeship, we will work with you to develop your career in your chosen field of work.

Waste Regimes Operational Services (WROS)

Location: National, location flexible

WROS aims to improve the quality of recycling and ensure waste entering and leaving the country is handled appropriately for recycling and recovery. We help to protect and improve the environment by regulating industry, ensuring compliance and eliminating illegal activities.

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About the roles

The roles currently available and links to apply are listed above.

These roles are mixture of field work and a variety of indoor office work. The study aspect of the apprenticeship is day or block release with a mixture of online/block weeks or day release and training provider trips. To complete parts of this apprenticeship you must be prepared to travel for study and work from home.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for these vacancies you must meet any criteria stipulated in the advert and candidate pack. The qualification requirements for each apprenticeship are set out in the candidate pack, but for all apprenticeships you must:

  • Be aged 16 years or above when you start employment. (There is no upper age limit)
  • Have been resident in the UK/EU/EAA for three consecutive years prior to your employment starting with us
  • Not be in receipt of higher education funding for any other academic qualifications
  • Live in England when you start your employment

In addition, it is essential that the apprenticeship you apply for, provides you with substantive new skills and learning and be materially different to any other qualification you hold, or any other training you have undertaken. This is important. If you already hold a similar qualification or are already experienced in these types of roles, you will not be eligible.


Find out how our teams in the roles have enjoyed their career with the EA in our testimonials below.


I attended the local secondary school in Bodmin, and its 6th form, where I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths for my A Levels. It was almost certain I was going to Exeter University to study a Biosciences degree until I found this brilliant degree apprenticeship course through my college’s Facebook page!

I have been working in the Partnership and Strategic Overview team since I joined the Environment Agency and will be staying with them for a year; then after that I will be moving around the teams to find out what most interests me. I have been involved in multiple areas of work. This has mainly consisted of getting involved in a Research and Development project down in Newlyn and working on GIS to map flood outlines from historical flood reconnaissance. I am looking forward to starting a new project using GIS to present a map of coastal risk across the area.

I have felt so welcome at the EA since my very first day – everyone I meet is friendly, kind and helpful; and this is what I love about this organisation. I look forward to working with like-minded people across all the departments to create a better place for people and wildlife in the coming years.” 


I first found out about the Environment Agency in 2019 when I participated in a week’s work experience which gave me my first flavour of the varied and important work that the agency does. After my A levels I took a 2-year break to go traveling in UK and Scandinavia with a few gaps in-between to earn money. It was one of these breaks whilst working a rather tedious job in a Covid-19 testing centre that I found out about the apprenticeship programme run by the Environment Agency. Remembering the varied and meaningful work done by the Environment Agency from my work experience I jumped at the opportunity and applied and later after stammering my way through the interview was successful in obtaining the role.

My current placement is in the Land & Water Team. I am really enjoying the variety of work which is carried out by an Environment Officer, and I am enjoying the challenge of dealing with complex issues and engaging with different stakeholders. It is very gratifying seeing the work which myself and my team carry out having a real impact on improving the environment. I am now almost halfway through my first year of my apprenticeship and have found the EA to be a very supportive and welcoming place to work. I have Dyslexic tendency’s and have found the support provided to me through the provision of assistive technology as well as support from my team to be invaluable in allowing me to complete my role for which I am extremely grateful.

I am looking forward to the rest of my time in the land and water team and am very excited for the 6-month rotations I will do across the different teams in the agency. The experience which I will gain from these rotations will no doubt be very beneficial to me as I develop my career.”


“Before I joined the Environment Agency, I had just completed my A-levels at Exeter College. I studied Environmental Science, Business studies and Sociology. During my time studying environmental science it gave me an insight into important topics such as pollution, sustainability and the importance of conservation. This led me into wanting to pursue an environmental career where I can help improve the environment and make a difference.

I am currently in the Analysis and Reporting team and am surrounded by a great team who are kind and always willing to help me. Since being in the team I have been out to different sites and collected samples including invertebrates, macrophytes and diatom samples. I have also been spending lots of time completing some invertebrate samples which involves using microscopes in the lab and using invertebrate identification books to help with the identification process. Recently I have also been doing some fish validation videos of a fish counter, which involves me looking through the video footage and spending time making sure that the counter is measuring the fish correctly and making sure that it is actually fish going over the weir.

I have really enjoyed my time at the EA so far and everyone has made me feel very welcome. I am looking forward to my future at the Environment Agency and getting to meet new people and gain more experience.”


I joined the Environment Agency as an Environmental Practitioner Degree Apprentice after completing my A Levels in Geography, Business and Spanish. I knew that university wasn’t the path for me, but I wanted to be able to continue learning and start my career in the working world, so an apprenticeship was a great option.

When joining the EA, I was paired up with my mentor, and placed into my first team, Environment Programme, working with both internal and external stakeholders and designing and delivering projects in different river catchments across Kent, South London and East Sussex. During my time rotating through various 6-month placements, it has allowed me to become involved in a variety of different work-based projects, using different skill sets such as GIS, environmental management and data collection and analysis. Having my mentor throughout the course of the apprenticeship has been great. 

I really enjoy attending University one day a week on a ‘day release’ basis, to complete my Environmental Science Degree. We cover a variety of different modules and are given a range of opportunities to undertake fieldwork, laboratory work, and engage in workshops, which is a great way to substantiate my learning.

After 4 years of completing 5 rotations around different teams, building networks, and meeting new people, I decided to apply for a permanent role in the Navigation Team, whilst still undertaking my apprenticeship. I look forward to progressing my career at the Environment Agency, and taking advantage of all the opportunities it provides.” 

Harriet Tree, Waterways Planning Officer, Kent South London & East Sussex


“It’s been very fulfilling working as an apprentice in the Environment Agency, not only because I get to see my efforts contribute to a better place for people and wildlife, but every day is a learning day, where materials from university and workplace training both help make headway towards the degree.

Despite the challenging year of the pandemic when I graduated from sixth from with predicted grades then a gap year of trying to get into an apprenticeship, I was glad my development in soft skills was recognised rather than just the grades on paper.

Now in my third team rotation, I’m currently helping improve groundwater quality at various wetland sites by gathering/ analysing sampling data then investigating possible causes to minimise over-contamination. This project involves exploring data and mapping platforms, researching water quality standards, and collaborating with colleagues. I feel that all the knowledge and skills linked with this apprenticeship programme can almost always be worked upon whether working on a project from home, interacting with colleagues, visiting sites, or even attending free seminars!

Of course, none of this works unless I do, but this is always fuelled by the inspiring work the people around me do! Joining the EA has given me freedom to make a positive impact to our natural environment professionally all whilst attaining worthwhile skills towards a degree that will take me further.”

Abdul Rahmaan Samad, Environmental Practitioner Degree Apprentice, Kent South London & East Sussex