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Our roles cover a range of disciplines: Project Management, Asset Management, Asset Engineering, Mechanical Electrical Instrumentation Control and Automation (MEICA), flood risk modelling, programming, data management and strategic planning.    

We’ll be looking to you to make the most of government investment whilst managing our critical flood risk assets and protecting and enhancing the Environment.

We’re looking for people to join us in:

Environment Agency Frontline Team

Area Programme

Each of our 14 regions has its own Programming team which manages work across England. They advise on how to achieve the best outcomes in terms of value for money and efficiency. Their insights support our frontline teams that work on flood and coastal erosion risk management assets. This is how we balance the impact of climate change with supporting economic growth, the wellbeing of our communities and the environment. 

Asset Performance

The whole lifecycle of our flood and coastal erosion risk management assets is managed here, from flood defence banks and walls to pumping stations and sluices. This means maintaining some 78,000 flood assets across England. Our teams across the country are responsible for ensuring our assets are constructed, inspected, surveyed, assessed, maintained and operated in a safe, effective and efficient manner. They reduce flood risk to people and property, play a critical role in delivering capital projects and act as the ‘intelligent’ client within project teams. This is how we ensure projects deliver effective flood risk solutions for the local area.


The Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation

This team is home to our specialised group of mechanical and electrical engineers. They look after water resources, flood risk and navigation, as well as managing our asset stock. This requires high-quality technical and managerial instruction to maintain standards and quality across technical, safety, legal, environmental and operational requirements nationwide.


Partnership and Strategic Overview  

The PSO teams work with flood risk management authorities across the UK, including Lead Local Flood Authorities. They help us plan for the future. This is where data is analysed to make the most of our future investment plans. It’s where we work with communities and professional partners and develop future strategies. These include initiatives such as Flood Risk Management Plans, Catchment Flood Management Plans and Shoreline Management Plans.

As the ‘intelligent client’ in our project teams, they support projects delivering effective flood risk solutions for the local area.

Projects and Programme Management  

Working alongside contract, commercial and assurance experts, our Project and Programme Managers transform the way we manage our assets and deliver projects. They keep us on track to achieve our outcomes. Their innovations help to modernise our approaches, systems and technologies and helping turn great ideas into reality.

Evidence and Risk

These technical teams advise on a range of environmental risks. Our Inland and Strategic development and Coastal teams are looking for hydrological experts, fluvial and coastal modelling and forecasting practitioners. Both work closely with a range of partners, providing leadership and technical expertise.

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