Leadership - Environment Agency



graphic image in green and white reading "your environment, your career"

At the Environment Agency, we are looking for transformational leaders who believe that providing great inclusive, innovative, and creative leadership is fundamental to our ability to protect the environment and effectively serve the communities we live in.  We need people who will take accountability, innovate, move fast and stay agile to deliver the ambition in EA2025 and get ahead of the challenges we face. We want leaders who will role model putting individuals at the heart of every interaction, building and developing the skills to engage and motivate their people.

We are looking for leaders who can;

  • Effectively collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders and develop lasting relationships
  • Prioritise, plan and commission effectively so their teams have clarity and manageable workloads
  • Contribute to shaping the future direction and capacity of the wider Environment Agency as well as their departments
  • Manage significant budgets under conditions of conflicting demands
  • Deliver major work programmes in comparatively complex work environments
  • Lead, manage and develop large teams delivering operational services, delegating through senior reports and managing change
  • Inspire and support people by acting as role models who coach, develop and encourage a  culture of innovation, problem solving and effective change management, to adapt to, optimise and support the changing needs of customers.
John Curtin speaking with operational staff in Solihull