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Business services

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Protecting people and wildlife from the effects of climate change, flooding and environmental incidents involves more than just our technical disciplines we would not be able to do what we do without our business services and corporate management teams. Below you will see some information on some of these teams. 

We work closely with colleagues in the wider Defra Group to draw on expert professional advice in areas such as finance, HR, IT and communications. To find out more about opportunities  within our corporate services teams please click Home – Defra Jobs – UK Government

Chief Operating Officer’s Directorate

Protecting people and wildlife from the effects of climate change, flooding and environmental incidents involves more than our place based Local Operations teams and flooding and environment technical experts.

To respond to the climate and biodiversity emergencies we need to both first class monitoring, customer and corporate services now, and build organisational capacity for the future.

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Working in the Chief Operating Officer’s Directorate you could be shaping the future strategic direction of the Environment Agency; and undertaking business planning or people focused projects to ensure that our we get best possible value for money for people and the environment and that we have motivated, skilled and supported people who have the capacity to achieve the ambition in EA2025.

You could be helping to strengthen how we use IT and digital services, ensuring we have a sustainable estate and fleet or transforming how do business in the Environment to achieve our Net Zero by 2030 ambition.

Or you could be direct contact with our customers – be that in our contact centre responding to flooding and environmental incidents 24/7, 365 days a year; developing and issuing environmental permits or developing or regulatory regimes.

There’s more information about some of those roles below.


Environment Agency Estates is a national team of technical specialists, surveyors, managers, advisors and support officers providing a professional land and property service for the organisation. Our teams facilitate land management that supports delivery of the Environment Agency’s £5.2 billion capital programme to better protect 360,000 homes. Driving forward positive environmental outcomes for our local communities, the future brings ever evolving challenges and new exciting opportunities to us. We also help maximise value and sustainability outcomes from our large estate portfolio comprising over 100 houses and over 17,000 hectares of land, offices and depots. 


Contact Centre Services

Contact Centre Services (CCS) is the first point of contact for many of the Environment Agency’s customers.

The team help people do the right the right thing for the environment by answering questions about the rules individuals and businesses need to follow and by taking reports of pollution or flooding, so local teams can respond on the ground.

Most of their work is talking to people, but they also connect with customers by email and social media, and provide administrative support the organisation. In total, CCS deals with more than half a million interactions with customers every year about everything the Environment Agency does. Joining this team is a great way to get to know the organisation.

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Customers and Engagement

Our Customers and Engagement teams work on the frontline in local areas to provide responses to freedom of information requests, responses to letters from MPs and councils as well as a full engagement service providing support to projects and programmes of work to ensure local communities and our stakeholders understand what we are doing and why. They will also facilitate local drop-in sessions and support wider communications needs for the local area. 

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Business Planning and Performance 

Business Planning & Performance are critical to the effective running of the organisation, working with the business to enable planning and monitoring of local outcome delivery. 
As a community, we provide a clear, consistent core service offer across the organisation, maintaining flexibility to accommodate local differences within a national context. As a team we have a strong focus on creating doable jobs; having time and space for the service, personal development and incident response. 

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Future Funding

Our vision is to secure the wide range of funding and investment needed to protect and improve the environment, now and in the future. We achieve this by bridging the gap between the funding the Environment Agency currently generates and the investment needed to protect and improve the environment effectively in future by collaborating – locally and globally – to access new sources of income, funding and green investment, and to optimise charges.

Our teams include funding and finance specialists, financial modellers, experts in the principles of Managing Public Money, commercial and business development advisors and programme and project managers.

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Sustainable Business and Development

We are Sustainable Business and Development. We lead on the climate emergency, air quality, green growth and a sustainable future. To do this we develop environmental strategy, work closely with government, and manage the running of the Environment and Business Directorate.

We recruit across a variety of roles including climate change specialists, spatial planners, strategy setting, engagement specialists, business management, personal administrators, and project management / support roles.

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