Environment and Science Graduate Training Scheme - Environment Agency

Environment and Science Graduate Training Scheme

Environment and Science Graduate Training Scheme  

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Approx. 4 years


Pay steps starting at £28,100


UK wide

What is the programme? 

Our four-year  Environment and Science Graduate Training Scheme (E-S GTS) is an organisation-wide scheme, for recent graduates, which offers development opportunities to kick start your career in the environment and science sector. 


To be considered on the scheme, Graduate Trainees must have as a minimum an Honours degree in a relevant science or environment discipline. Further postgraduate qualifications can be considered.

Specific subjects required will be dependent on the specialised roles available each year, for this reason the specific subject requirements will change each year.

What will you experience?

Line Manager, mentor and technical coach from the Environment  Agency will guide you through your journey to chartership.

Structured training and development through modularised learning, will be specifically tailored to your individual learning and professional development plan. 

Membership with a relevant professional body. (Cost of professional membership will be covered)

Varied development opportunities

  • Job shadowing
  • Project delivery

Benefits of scheme:

  • Graduate networks – the scheme offers a range of networks, with virtual opportunities to meet peers
  • 20% development time –  minimum 20% protected time for learning and development
  • Pay step progression – incremental career grade pay steps linked to annual performance review
  • Permanent graduate contract – permanent contract with  Environment Agency staff  benefits

See what our very own graduates had to say!

Testimonial – Danny

I first saw the scheme advertised in May 2023. The variety of roles and the opportunity of chartership really caught my eye. The staff here are excellent company and always seem happy to help. The flexibility and independence have made working with ADHD far more manageable than my previous roles too.

Testimonial – Oluwakemi

My experience with the scheme has exceeded my expectations. The training has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of waste management legislation and permitting processes. I have worked alongside experienced professionals who have been supportive in guiding me through various tasks and projects.

The ES-GTS has been a fantastic opportunity for me to kickstart my career in environmental science. It has allowed me to contribute to meaningful projects and gain invaluable insight into the waste management sector

Types of programme:

The scheme will recruit for specific graduate level roles in a range of environmental and science disciplines, rather than a general pool of graduate vacancies.

Some example roles in the past two years on the Environment and Science Graduate scheme:

  • Biodiversity Officer
  • Permitting Officer
  • Hydrologist – Groundwater Protection Officer  
  • Water Quality and Resources Officer
  • Asset Management Officer
  • Flood modelling and Data analyst
  • Flood and Coastal Management Officer

Career pathways in organisation:

The Environment Agency are committed to establishing meaningful career pathways for graduates giving them opportunities to develop as chartered professionals into the technical leads needed for the future.

After completing the scheme (expected to take 4 years), graduates will apply for specialist roles in the organisation and follow their passions and interests. Working in the Environment Agency they will continue to develop technical skills and expert knowledge throughout their career.

Specific recruitment information:

We advertise in the spring for roles to start the following September.

Please register your interest here to receive updates on the scheme.