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Nuclear energy has a leading role to play in the future, both in helping to achieve net zero and in realising UK energy security. A key component of the Government’s energy security strategy, nuclear energy could meet up to 25% of the UK’s projected electricity demand, by 2050.

At the Environment Agency, we are responsible for regulating the disposal of radioactive waste across the whole of the nuclear industry in England. Our regulators work with nuclear operators to ensure the highest levels of environmental protection are achieved.

We are currently recruiting for Nuclear Regulators and specialists at a variety of grades. As a regulator, you’ll be at the forefront of this work. You’ll be expected to understand the businesses and technology you regulate, how they operate and the impact they could have on people and the environment.

We are looking for people with experience of the nuclear industry and the determination and enthusiasm to drive environmental improvements. The level of experience required depends on the role. Site operators aren’t the only people you’ll deal with. At the Environment Agency, we are committed to the people and places we serve. Interaction with members of the public is an essential part of the role. You’ll also need to be willing to play your part in responding to incidents both within the nuclear field and across other functions of our organisation.
You’ll need a sound understanding of relevant legislation that you’ll regulate against and an appreciation of the challenges the industry faces.

Climate Change Impact

Against the backdrop of climate and nature emergencies, ensuring that the environment is appropriately considered and adequately protected, is now more important than ever before. With an exemplary reputation as an environmental regulator, the Environment Agency regularly demonstrates that regulation improves how the industry operates to ensure that the environment is a better place for everyone. Nuclear power stations are an essential part of achieving net zero, so your work will be an important part of creating future low-carbon energy supplies in the UK.

Available Roles in this campaign

Developing Nuclear Regulator Radiological Monitoring and Assessment

Nuclear Regulator

Nuclear Regulator Radiological Monitoring and Assessment

Senior Nuclear Waste Assessor


Richard Wood, Team Leader for the Sellafield Nuclear Regulation Group. With over 20 years at the Environment Agency, Richard brings a wealth of experience regulating complex nuclear sites.

“Working on Sellafield is a highlight of my career,” shares Richard. “I don’t think there’s anywhere more interesting in terms of environmental challenges.”

Richard values the dedication and expertise of his team members, who he calls “real experts in their field.” He also appreciates the Agency’s “second-to-none” career development, which gave him the knowledge to attain Compliance Advisor status.

Originally on a 3-month contract in Marine and Special Projects, Richard moved into nuclear regulation despite his environment management background. “Career progression here is actively encouraged,” he says.

His advice to new joiners? “Get stuck in and record your development. Embrace opportunities to see different sites and work with different regulators to widen your horizons.”

For the future, Richard looks forward to see high-risk legacy areas at Sellafield decommissioned. He also hopes to see his new team members grow into their roles.

“Embrace opportunities to widen your horizons.”