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Trent RFCC

Trent RFCC is home to around 6.9 million people, and includes the cities of Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Leicester and Nottingham.

There’s a huge variation in the physical characteristics of the area. This includes low lying ground, such as the broad flat flood plains of the Tame and Trent, to steep dramatic landscapes, such as those found in the Peak District National Park. Nearly two thirds of the overall area is agricultural.

This leads to big differences in how the area responds to rainfall and the resulting risks of flooding. We’re committed to reducing this flood risk in our area, making our communities more resilient and adapting to the challenges of a changing climate.

We can’t do this without our RFCC members. By joining our committee, you can help us achieve these goals.

In the words of our Chair, Vij Randeniya;

“As we look at the world ahead, we do so through a prism where many of our assumed views have been challenged or shattered. If we think back to 10 years ago, very few of the challenges we have faced recently would have been foreseen or would have seemed likely.

It is on that premise that we can predict, with some certainty, that the future holds challenges which are as of yet undefined and will need confronting together.

Joining the RFCC as an independent member will give you an exceptional opportunity to influence and support the local investment to combat those challenges.”

We’re looking for candidates who:

  • have an active interest in flood and coastal risk management
  • can represent the interests of communities across our region
  • come from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • are impartial and not representatives of any particular organisation

You don’t have to be a technical expert or have specific qualifications to be a member. It’s your enthusiasm and commitment to your local community that is most important. Having an interest in the following areas would be useful in the role:

  • engagement and working with others
  • local community flood forums or action groups
  • climate change and associated flood risk
  • spatial planning, engineering or construction
  • business and economics
  • asset management
  • managing resilience and recovery
  • conservation
  • farming and land management

Our vacancies and how to apply

You can apply by filling out our simple online application form.

Vacancy 1 – Independent members

We have 1 vacancy for an independent member. This role is available now. The closing date to apply is 26th November 2023.