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Water Industry Regulation Transformation Programme

Water Industry Regulation Transformation Programme

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We are changing the way we regulate the water industry, embedding a new approach that targets our resource and interventions to uncover non-compliance and drive better performance from the water industry.  This programme has been set up to enable the Environment Agency to secure clean and plentiful water through a focus on our regulation of water companies.

Your team’s central purpose is to continuously improve all aspects of water company regulation. Water companies are a vital part of the water cycle, taking water out to meet our personal and business needs and then cleaning and returning the water to our rivers, coasts and groundwater. Water companies don’t always perform to their best abilities, and this harms the environment we are protecting and enhancing. Our current work areas include topics such as incidents, storm overflow and flow compliance, enforcement, inspections and audits.

We will support this work by recruiting new people to join us.

Among the exciting new roles we are looking for across the country are:

Regulatory MangerLocal Operations

Below is some more detailed information on the role.

Regulatory Manager

You will be an experienced leader who will manage a new team whose central purpose is to continuously improve all aspects of water company regulation, across compliance, incidents and enforcement. The team will face an individual water company and work alongside a network of colleagues in national and local teams.

Water company regulation is an exciting area of work. We need a strong leader to play an operational role, providing direction and ensuring the effective operational delivery and assurance of regulation for an industry with nationally and politically significant sites. 

You will have a strong strategic mindset, with the ability to align water company initiatives with environmental objectives, to anticipate trends and identify opportunities for intelligence driven regulation.  Along with an excellent ability to lead and influence cross functionally, a strong customer focus and communication and negotiation skills in dealing with business colleagues at all grades.

As a new team, you will need to demonstrate your ability to lead and coach the team through cultural and business change. Your role will include maintaining the health, safety, and wellbeing of your team, supporting them to develop themselves and managing ways of working to ensure we can meet the needs of the future.