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What We Have to Offer

Water Resources is a specialist area of vital work within the Environment Agency. We work with water and energy companies, farmers and many others to manage how water is used as a natural resource, and protect and improve water biodiversity. Working within Water Resources in the Environment Agency means that you can help to protect water and the environment in a sustainable way!

We offer a wide range of careers and apprenticeships in Water Resources, including career entry roles such as industry placements, internships, graduate schemes, and entry level jobs. Whether you are experienced in your field, changing career, or are just starting out, we can help you to have a truly rewarding career that makes a difference. We want Water Resources to represent society as a whole and are actively looking for candidates from all different and diverse backgrounds

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Water Resources Roles

There’s something for everyone in Water Resources in the Environment Agency. While some roles do require more technical knowledge of sustainability and water, it’s not the only way you can get involved if you have a passion for the purpose. We all work towards a common goal – a clean and sustainable supply of water across England – and there are many parts to play.

Some roles will be area based, meaning you’ll work on local projects in specific regions, and some are national, meaning you’ll work on projects across England. For both, you’ll have a local office with flexibility to work remotely.

Here’s just a taste of some of the exciting roles that working in Water Resources has to offer…

Watch our videos to get a snapshot into the work of four important roles in Water Resources!


Permitting Officer

Hydrometry & Telemetry Officer

  • Hydrologist


    Uses data and knowledge of surface water to restore, improve and protect water resources, contributing towards sustainable abstraction.


  • Hydrometry & Telemetry Officer

    Collects, measures, records and monitors river flow, lakes, rainfall and groundwater level data, as well as managing data telemetry systems (which are remote, wireless sensors that provide essential data).

  • Permitting Officer


    Assesses the ways we can store and control water for business and private use and uses evidence to review licence applications to use water in this way.



    Environmental Planner

    Coordinates input from different teams and external organisations, such as water companies, to ensure effective long-term strategic planning.






    Studies the flow of water underground & ensures groundwater is properly assessed and available for beneficial uses without damaging the environment.





    Chalk Coordinator

    Uses data and evidence to plan and implement projects on chalk streams (rivers with bedrock made of chalk), which includes working with water companies to make improvements to protect them.



  • Drought Officer

    Works on drought planning and preparedness, including working with water companies on drought plans (planning for when we have drier than normal weather conditions), and on drought management following periods of prolonged dry weather.

  • Sustainable Abstraction Officer


    Provides advice about regulations, exploring nature-based solutions and exploring risks to support sustainable access to water and drought resilience.




    Water Resources Planner

    Works with water companies to assess water resources management plans, to address possible problems in water availability at a local, regional and national level.




To apply for Water Resources roles, please check out the ‘current opportunities’ tab at the top of this page, or our jobs portal. More information about the variety of roles on offer can be found in our Water Resources career brochure further below.

Early Careers Opportunities

Working with us means protecting and improving the environment for generations to come, tackling issues of national importance across a huge variety of disciplines and professions. Above all, it’s your environment, so we want you to play a role in its protection.

Graduate Schemes

Graduate Schemes

The Water Resources Graduate Scheme is looking for environment and science graduates; this four-year programme will place graduates in different Water Resources teams across the country.
Graduates can understand how the different functions of Water Resources work by experiencing different placements/rotations with local Area teams, as well as placements in national teams, to gain experience and knowledge of Water Resources.

Graduates on the scheme have the opportunity to work towards chartership with a related professional body, for example, the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

We tend to advertise these roles from December – January each year.

If you are interested in more career entry roles, check out our Early careers page, the ‘current opportunities’ tab at the top of this page, or our jobs portal!

Career Case Studies

Are you keen to hear first-hand what it’s like to work in Water Resources? Our career blogs are written by our very own fantastic employees and cover topics such as apprenticeships, early career schemes and career progression.

Check out our early careers hub on Youth Employment UK to read more case studies about different sorts of apprenticeships, entry level roles and green careers in Water Resources!

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Job Profiles

Our job profiles shine a light on some of the roles on offer in Water Resources.

Check out our brochure for more information about working in Water Resources and the sorts of roles on offer!

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