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Northumbria RFCC

Northumbria RFCC is responsible for land stretching from the Scottish borders to North Yorkshire. The area is bounded by Cumbria to the west and the North Sea coast to the east. It covers a landscape of extraordinary beauty with the remote Kielder Forest and the Pennines to the north and west and a coastal landscape in the east which varies for sandy wild estuaries to rocky cliffs and bays stretching from the Tees in the south, north to the Scottish borders. 

Approximately 2.6 million people live in the Committee’s area, primarily in a concentration of urban areas around the River Tees corridor and within the Tyne and Wear conurbation, with more rural communities in Northumberland and West Durham. There are over 80,000 properties at risk of surface water flooding and over 35,000 receptors at risk from flooding and/or coastal erosion.

“Heavy rain can bring rapid changes to flow and many towns and villages remain at risk of flooding from the main rivers and the tributaries that feed them, especially so as climate change seems set to give us heavier rainfall in the coming years. If you add the problems of rising sea levels on a vulnerable yet economically very important coast it is clear that our Regional Flood and Coastal Committee has a vital role to play in managing the long term programme for flood and coastal risk reduction and in education and warning those of our communities that remain at risk.”

Phil Rothwell, Northumbria RFCC Chair

We’re committed to reducing flood risk in our area, making communities more resilient and adapting to the challenges of a changing climate. We can’t do this without our RFCC members. By joining our committee, you can help us achieve these goals.

We’re looking for candidates who:

  • have an active interest in flood and coastal risk management
  • can represent the interests of communities across our region
  • come from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • are impartial and not representatives of any particular organisation
  • have a real enthusiasm and commitment to your local community

Our vacancies and how to apply

You can apply by filling out our simple online application form.

Vacancy 1 – independent member, coastal

We are looking for an independent member with an interest in coastal processes, including flood and coastal erosion risks present at the coast. This role starts on 31st December 2023. The closing date to apply is 22nd December 2023.

It will help if you have interest in or knowledge of:

  • the North East coastline
  • recent and emerging policies and procedures relevant to coastal management
  • wider issues affecting coastal communities

Vacancy 2 – conservation member

We are looking for an independent member with a background in conservation. This role starts on 30th June 2024. The closing date to apply is 22nd December 2023.

In addition to the general skills listed above, conservation members should:

  • have knowledge of nature conservation and wider environmental issues, environmental legislation and relevant plans and strategies
  • provide an environmental perspective at committee meetings and help the committee understand the views of the conservation community
  • provide a link between the committee and Natural England and other conservation organisations in the committee area