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Thames RFCC

Thames RFCC stretches from Oxfordshire and Swindon to London and Essex and includes Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Hampshire. It encompasses over a quarter of England’s population. The region covers both large rural regions as well as the nation’s largest urban landscape providing a variety of different fluvial and surface water flooding challenges.

We have several unique challenges within the Thames catchment which our work looks to address, including:

  • slowing the flow of water in the upper catchment and upstream of settlements
  • helping built up areas adapt to become more “rain ready”
  • empowering village communities to become more resilient to flooding
  • supporting plans for managing tidal flood risk in the Thames estuary

We’re committed to reducing flood risk in our area, making communities more resilient and adapting to the challenges of a changing climate. We can’t do this without our RFCC members. By joining our committee, you can help us achieve these goals.

With the changing climate, flooding in the Thames Valley and London will occur more often. The Thames RFCC is looking for a diverse range of experts and stakeholders who can help us make the best decisions to protect residents and businesses from the growing risk of flooding.

Robert Van de Noort, Thames RFCC Chair

We’re looking for candidates who:

  • have an active interest in flood and coastal risk management
  • can represent the interests of communities across our region
  • come from a diverse range of backgrounds
  • are impartial and not representatives of any particular organisation

You don’t have to be a technical expert or have specific qualifications to be a member. It’s your enthusiasm and commitment to your local community that is most important. However, an interest in the following areas may be useful in the role:

  • local community flood forums or action groups
  • climate change and associated flood risk
  • spatial planning, engineering or construction
  • business and economics
  • asset management
  • managing resilience and recovery
  • conservation
  • farming and land management

Our vacancies and how to apply

You can apply by filling out our simple online application form.

Vacancies 1-5 – Independent members

We have 5 vacancies for general independent members.

These vacancies are available from 31st March 2024 or 30th June 2024.

  • 1 position available immediately – the closing date to apply is 12 November 2023
  • 1 position available from 1st April 2024 – the closing date to apply is 26 November 2023
  • 3 positions available from 1st July 2024 – the closing date to apply is 26 November 2023

We look forward to hearing from you.