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Regional Flood and Coastal Committees

Regional Flood and Coastal Committees

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet. Record breaking weather events and natural disasters feature in the news with alarming regularity. We know that climate change causes rising sea levels and more intense storms, and this increases the risks of flooding and coastal change across the country.

We recently ran a drop-in session where we talked about the roles in more detail and answered questions from potential applicants. The session was hosted by Adrian Lythgo, the Chair of the North West RFCC and Julie Foley, Director of Strategy and National Adaptation at the Environment Agency. If you are interested in these roles and couldn’t make the session, you can watch the recording of the session

You can help us manage this risk in communities across your region by volunteering as an independent member in your local RFCC.

RFCCs are independent bodies that play a vital role in reducing the risk of flooding and coastal erosion. They:

  • represent the views of local communities in how we manage flooding and coastal erosion
  • help make communities more resilient and able to adapt to the challenges of a changing climate
  • approve the programmes of work that better protect the homes and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people
  • help create the local partnerships that pay for, build and manage the projects in our programmes

You can hear more about how important these roles are in this short video by Julie Foley from the Environment Agency.

Defra are also separately recruiting for 3 new RFCC Chairs for Wessex, Thames and English Severn and Wye RFCCs. You can find out more about these roles on their website.

The independent member roles

We’re looking for new independent members to join our RFCCs around the country. These are voluntary, unpaid roles, but as an independent member you’ll have an amazing opportunity to:

  • get involved with issues that really matter in your area
  • gain new skills, experience and build your network
  • make a real difference to people’s lives, livelihoods and to the environment we all live in

It’s vital that RFCC members represent the true diversity of the communities we work with. We know that a diverse work force increases productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

“RFCC members influence the decisions made about flooding and coastal erosion risk management in your local community. As risks and challenges faced by each local community vary tremendously it is important that the membership of our committees reflects the diversity of the communities in the region. If you are interested, please do apply.”

Adrian Lythgo, Chair of North West RFCC

We welcome applications from talented and enthusiastic people from all backgrounds. You don’t usually need formal qualifications for these roles, though an interest in certain specialities can help. It’s your enthusiasm and commitment to your local community that is most important.

We cover reasonable out-of-pocket expenses and time off work.  You’ll need to be able to join four meetings a year and prepare by reading papers in advance. You’ll benefit from a full induction and the chance to visit flood schemes in your region.

You should ideally live or work in the RFCC area you are applying for. You can see the RFCC areas on a map.

Read our candidate pack which tells you more about being an RFCC member.

How to apply

Applications are open now for roles later this year and in early 2024. Click on your local RFCC below to see the roles available and apply using our simple online form.